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Fun and engaging

The puzzles are engaging and varied, which makes you use many parts of your brain. I think that is probably the greatest part of this game. A lot of effort went into making these puzzles just hard enough but solvable for the average person. Storyline is really good and graphics as good as you might want and better than you might expect for a game of this caliber and cost. Voice acting is decent (except for the kids, which are horrible, but again, for the price it's fine and also it's not why you bought this game in the first place). Overall a game worth buying and spending a few hours challenging your observational and puzzling skills on.

One of my favorites

I've played this one over and over. I bought it on my windows phone, then again for my iPhone! I would love to see a sequel! Artifex Mundi makes the best HOGs!




Very fun game

Solid with lots of content.

Solid but not great.



A decent enough game

While the creators very, very obviously got their setting, their way of using children and stylistic choices from the Bioshock franchise, at least they didn't steal the entire plot as well. Storyline was ok enough to be entertaining and puzzles were simple to low-medium difficulty. As seems to be the case with this developer's games, voice acting was absolutely awful, which is a shame as good VA's would have bumped the quality of the game up a good bit. I also have to agree with another reviewer who said the constant dripping noise was beyond annoying. You can turn it off, but that also mutes all the sound. I got this for free, though, and it was good entertainment for that price. I would say it'd be worth spending a buck and change on, but not much more than that.

Great Game!

I've played a bunch of these and if you like the format they are all pretty good. Sometimes puzzle types are repeated but that's to be expected and they are never EXACTLY the same. Overall a fun way to kill a few hours. Enjoy!


Love love this one!!

Fun and challenging

I play a lot of these games and usually it's actually pretty annoying how predictable and cheesy the story line is but I liked this one. My suggestion is have light turned up and click on everything, like everything. Overall I think this particular game is better than most of the other ones!

Fun with Granddaughter

With the aid of my granddaughter I was able to find my way thru the puzzles and adventures. Our time was great fun and we were able to defeat the demon with gusto.

Fun !

Great game!

It entertained

It did its job

Great game

Love the story love the graphics love the puzzles! Nuff said

Crazy Cool

Thank goodness for the hint button. This game was awesome..!!

No issues but not very interesting

Outdated graphics and story didnt hold my attention. No glitches though, and underwater scenes were good.

Not finished with the game. Got it free.

Good so far. Enjoying the ability to skip the boring cut scenes. Obvious Bioshock inspired art in full effect here. Kinda low quality graphics but like I said good so far.

Fun game


Good hidden object game

Fun diversion



Great fun

Highly entertaining. Kept me from being bored for some hours.

great but short!

i finished this in about 1/2 a day! it was fun and a good story. i think you will like it if you like a story and a little suspense with your hidden object games and the puzzles were fun but not hard. but i play in casua mode for all mine 😉

One of the best game ever!!

This game managed to keep me sharp and focused when I played it. The overall of this game is not bad, but there are some details that keeps distracting me like the dripping sound throughout the game for example. Nonetheless, this game is amazing, I love playing it. My piece of advice for you: get this game!

Good fun!

Fun puzzles and story.


I love it the search the find the journey


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Great graphics!

I like it it just looks fonominal

I love the game i just wanted to rate it so that stupid pop up stops popping up

Great Game!!!

I really enjoyed the game and the hint button was very useful. Thanks again!

Great beginner game

Nice game, good puzzles, graphic and story were really good also. Easy to follow nice map, and hints. Over all a really nice enjoyable game. Thanks

Nice Diversion

I enjoyed this game very much! The puzzles weren't too difficult and the storyline was pretty good... The dialogue was a bit much but overall an entertaining game...

So good,I like it

I didn't play such a good game before!i will play this game again and again

Fun game

Very enjoyable. Good graphics. Nice puzzles.

Great game

The game certainly helps to pass the time and is engaging enough to keep you playing until the end.


Awesome and fun


This is game is amazing! I would recommend this game. :) enjoy!

A lot of fun!

A few of the puzzles are very challenging. The writing & voice-overs are not very good. I would give this five stars if I could turn the voice off.

Great game

Long loved it

Pretty Good

I had fun playing the game. Only thing I would suggest is auto travel. Was kind of a pain to travel across the whole map to get to far areas.


This game is full of mystery and suspense. It is just simply amazing😆

Typical G5 Game...Being Awesome!

This game was a lot of fun! I was lucky and grabbed it for free during a sale but the length, graphics, story, and puzzles all make it well worth the few bucks normally charged. The only downside for me was the tediousness of traveling back and forth from one distant room to another. The rooms were beautiful but remembering what was where, when to take the elevator, and even with the help of the map it was a bit annoying at times. Still, I liked it. Thanks!

Loved it

Lots of different locations and types of puzzles. Worth your time.


Good story line and very entertaining.

Good little story

Good time killer

Good point and click game

I like this game. Too bad it takes only several hours to finish.


Game is brilliant


It's not a bad game. It plays smoothly and it's nice and long. The voices are bad, but the graphics are ok. There are some nice mini-games, and the HO scenes are fine. But the story failed to engage me, and the things I needed were all over the place. Without the map it would have been too difficult to remember and find all the tools, and with the map I felt like I was cheating, it was so specific. I just played two fabulous games this one can't compare to, Enigmatis Ravenwood, and Brink of Consciousness 2. Check them out.


Awesome game.

Fun if a touch tedious

Fun way to spend a few hours in somewhat mindless though entertaining play. Bit tedious particularly toward the end when the running around from place to place. Similarly, toward the end, the plan of action was a bit unclear and I found myself needing to use the "hint" function too often. Overall, well done. Beautiful graphics

Good game

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